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    Survive a panic attack at your school

    Teachers to you. Tomorrow is Monday, which means you must work. Are you gotten ready for tomorrow? Have you thought ahead or developed a plan on what you would do when there is a shooting at the school?

    Survive an attack at your school
    It�s been said �Failing to organize is getting ready to fail.� We do not expect you to get sound advice if the shooting happens. The same as basically was used in a classroom and it was told to instruct common core math I would be useless. We'll be giving you some pointers to be prepared for what could happen in case there is a shooting with your school.

    We realize you don't wish to think of your school being attacked. It's in an attempt to feel safe and place that out of your mind. Whenever a school shooting happens and it's also all over the news we believe regarding it non-stop but we let it slowly slip out of our minds. Teachers feel you'll find nothing they can do if the intruder has their school but I'm here to state there's something which is possible. We'll enable you to build confidence and subdue one particular fears. Like you educate your students, knowledge is power.

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